Website Questions and Answers

  • Design and hosting of a website of up to 20 pages and/or posts, built using the LEAP Website platform.
  • One round of 10 changes to the delivered website, provided we receive those changes within 5 days of website delivery.
  • Access to the Online Help Manual.
  • IT services, such as registration and hosting of domains, connection of your domain name to your website and email hosting. If you need help with these, please contact your IT support for assistance.
  • One-on-one training. The website interface is based on WordPress and is easy to use, so we’re confident that with the included video tutorials and HelpDesk support you’ll be able to manage your website.
  • Ongoing consulting. Once the website is built it’s handed over to you for any ongoing amendments. If you’d prefer that we made these for you our consultants can be contracted at the standard consulting rate, which is currently $160 per hour (ex GST).
  • Hosting of your existing website. We can copy the text content from your existing website, but the design is restricted to our template choices. As another option, a number of our clients with existing websites choose to have LEAP build a second website for them – perhaps focussing on a particular area of law, for example.
  • Editing or updating your existing website.
  • Ongoing search engine optimisation. There is an excellent tool provided free of charge in your new website’s backend to help you get the best possible search engine results, which is both easy to use and powerful.
  • Guaranteed delivery date. Once you’ve completed the online questionnaire (which gives us all of your instructions in relation to the website), your project goes into a queue and is completed on a first-come first-served basis. If you need your website faster, we offer a limited number of fast track spots each week, for a one-off fee of $550 (inc GST). If a spot is available we will guarantee to deliver your website within two weeks of payment of the fast track fee, providing you have already submitted your online questionnaire.
  • Online Payments with RapidPay – RapidPay is the only Australian online payment system specifically designed for small law firms and enables clients to pay their legal bills or deposit monies easily and securely. To apply and find out more, visit www.rapidpaylegal.com.au.
  • Instant Conveyancing Quotes with Perfect Portal – Perfect Portal is a purpose-built conveyancing sales management system that puts you in control of the conveyancing process. Build your network of referrers, generate leads, manage your pipeline and reduce time spent communicating with all parties. Learn more at www.perfectportal.com.au.
  • News and Updates Blog - a Blog is a frequently updated section of your website where someone at your firm will be able to publish articles, news items and commentary.
  • Customer Reviews - allows clients to enter testimonials on your website, which you can then review and, if approved, publish to a page on your website. The testimonials will be in a format that Google can pick up and show in search results.
  • Share Buttons for Social Media – we can add buttons to enable visitors to share your website with their contacts. You don't need to have a firm Facebook or Twitter account to enable this functionality.
  • Client Newsletters with MailChimp – Mailchimp is a powerful third party application which allows you to manage and send emails out to a list of subscribers. We'll just need your Mailchimp API key to connect your Mailchimp account to your website. To set up an account and find out more, visit Mailchimp.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs. Track the routes people take to reach you and the devices they use to get there. Learn what people are looking for and what they like. Find out more and set up your account at Google Analytics.
  • Client Forms with Jotforms – we'll include a simple contact form with your website, but if you'd like to include more complex forms such as instruction sheets for conveyancing or wills, then you'll need Jotform. It's a third party online application that allows anyone to quickly and easily create custom online forms. We'll just need the code that's produced once you've set up your forms. To set up your account, create your forms and find out more, visit www.jotform.com.
  • Online Chat with Olark – Olark is a third party application which allows you to offer real time chat on your website. We'll just need your Olark code in order to get it set up on your website. To set up your account and find out more, visit www.olark.com.
  • Multiple Languages – you can either include pages of translated text in the questionnaire, or add them after the website is handed over to you. If you don’t want to translate the text yourself we can include a Google Translate button.
  • Pop Ups – these can be used to highlight special offers, or collect email addresses through a pop up window on your website.
  • Online Appointments with vCita – currently experimental, this feature allows visitors to your website to book an appointment. Find out more and set up your account at vCita.

You can see some of our latest websites here and our templates here.


There is no charge for building the website for existing LEAP Office and LEAP Conveyancer clients.


Yes. Contact our Sales team to organise a ‘Website Only’ contract. There will be a fee for us to build the website.


For starters, as long as you are a LEAP client, there is no cost for building or hosting the website. As of 2014, all our websites are built using WordPress which is one of the most widely used and user-friendly systems available. Plus you have the peace of mind of knowing that your website is securely hosted with Amazon Web Services, so reliability isn’t an issue.


Yes, we can, as long as they provide a design based on one of our templates.


We can set these up for you on a chargeable hourly basis at the standard consulting rate, which is currently $160 per hour (ex GST). If you need this service, just let us know and we will send you a chargeable authority for the extra work.


The first step is for you to contact websites@leap.com.au to request and complete the online website questionnaire. Once you’ve submitted the questionnaire, your website goes into our work queue, which requires between 1 and 12 weeks’ lead time, at any given time.


Yes, you can connect your own domain or domains to your new LEAP Website. We will deliver the website to you on a staging domain (like my-firm.leapwp.com.au) which you are welcome to use in your marketing if you don’t own a domain.

If you do own your own domain you will just need to arrange for two domain updates to be made in order to connect the domain up to the website. We’ll send you specific details of the updates when we hand the website over to you, which you will then need to forward along to your IT support or domain host for actioning.


Ask us if a fast track spot is available by emailing websites@leap.com.au. If there is a spot available we’ll get a draft to you within two weeks of receiving your payment of a one-off fee of $550 (inc GST), providing you have submitted your online questionnaire.


Yes, we do. You can select from our library in the online questionnaire. Bear in mind though, that Google rewards unique information-dense content, so we recommend that you make time as soon as you can to make the generic content more specific to your firm.


No, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to offer these specialised services.

If you don’t have a logo, don't worry. We can use your firm name as the logo, in a similar font to the one you already use on your letterhead or business cards.

We recommend Lift Legal for assistance with other marketing services. They can help you launch your website and also offer newsletter content written for you so that you can get on with the legal work. They are currently offering a 4 month trial of their newsletter service to LEAP clients – contact Lift Legal directly for more information.


We will advise you to make a backup of the content of your website so that you can give that to another web designer to use when building a new website. We cannot continue to host your website if you are not a current LEAP client.


You will be able to log in to your website to update the text, add pages, make blog posts, upload photos for pages and so on. We have customised the platform to make it as simple as possible to do these common tasks.

Your website will be part of our WordPress multisite network, which means that we will look after the behind-the-scenes work like updating the software, plugins and themes at no extra cost to you. This means though, that you won’t be able to install your own themes and plugins as you would do if you had a standalone WordPress website, nor make changes to the .php files. We have a set range of themes and plugins available, which are only added to after an extensive testing and evaluation process.


We will do some basic search engine optimization (SEO) when building your website. However, there are plenty of user-friendly tools within WordPress that allow you to update and maintain the SEO content on your own.


Go to www.leap.com.au and log into the client space using your usual firm login credentials. Look for the website questionnaire under the menu item ‘Technical Tools’. If you’re not sure of your firm login credentials please call the Helpdesk on 1800 007 709.


No, simply apply for RapidPay and they will automatically provide you with access to fast payment options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and BPay. More information at www.rapidpaylegal.com.au


All information is subject to change without prior notice.

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